From € 45 / Pers.
From the first session, surf the waves that dot the Ubaye and experience intense sensations of pure gliding...

Equipped with this boat and with the aid of fins, you can indeed slip and direct you very easily, in a word navigate.

Come and taste the joys of surfing in the river! Accessible to all, the Hydrospeed is the most direct way to discover the river. Often referred to as a foam float, it actually does much more than float.

The formulas :

  Descriptive Swimming
Prices / Pers.
The hydrospeed run It comprises the initiation to the techniques of swimming and the run in symbiosis with the water.
Just fun !
2h € 45
The hydrospeed perf
It is more physical of a run which requires that you have already practiced the hydrospeed
and that you are in a good physical condition.
4h € 55
Hydrospeed day
Comprises 2 hydro courses
that are chosen according to the level of the participants.
4h € 80

Information and booking : +33 (0)4 92 85 55 20

In pictures :

Rafting Rafting Rafting Rafting

We guarantee showers and laughs on every wave !

Come and taste the joys of surfing on a river ! The hydrospeed is accessible to all and is the most direct way of discovering the river. It is often referred to as a foam floating boat, yet it does much more than floating.

Embarked on this boat and equipped with flippers, you will easily glide and manage yourself. Learning how to handle a hydrospeed is very easy, so you will be able to surf the Ubaye’s waves on the very first session, and experience the intense sensations of gliding on a river.

The hydrospeed is also a highly secure means of navigation, because being in water, you no longer fear falling. A few advices from your guides will make you a master in handling the turn-over techniques. However, if too many rocks are on your way, the hydrospeed will play the role of a shield.

The Hydrospeed is the most appropriate autonomous boat to rapidly evolve on the most difficult courses : we thus offer the « hydrospeed day » which includes two runs, chosen accordingly to the water level and the level of the participants.

If you would like to try other activities as well over several days, please consult our headline training.

To practice white water swimming, you'll be equipped with :

puce A full swimm suit,
puce A pair of gloves,
puce A helmet,
puce A jacket and a pair of flippers,
puce And a moss slide : the Hydro !