Hot Dog / Kayak Air

From € 45 / Pers.
Ride the turbulent and tumultuous rapids of the Ubaye, in an inflatable boat...

Canoë hot dog

Canoe as it was practiced a while ago has pretty much evolved. Today, it has become something to enjoy and there are many ways to use canoes depending on the level of difficulty of the rivers on which you run.

So, if you wish to experience the thrill of the exhilarating and adrenalin fuelled runs down the steep and rocky mountain Ubaye river, try our « hot dogs ».

Those bi-place boats are unsinkable, inflatable and equipped with a self-emptying system. They don’t fear shocking or jamming, contrarily to the hard canoes. Moreover, they are light and easy to handle in all situations.

Supervised by our experimented and certified guides, you will discover the thrill of duo navigation, « for the better and the worse ». Be ready for some fun!

Kayak air

The Air boat is the closest one to the standard kayak, and is a revolution in itself in the domain of pneumatic.

The literary meaning of this boat is «human boat », to metaphorically symbolize the osmosis between the individual and his boat.

Our air boats are open, inflatable and equipped with a self-emptying system to allow an easier navigation.

The straps used to keep your legs and back in position make them very faithful to the main characteristics of the kayak.

The foam rubber bottom will enable you to perform figures and run down the rapid with as much elegance as with a traditional kayak.

The advantages and enjoyments of the kayak at the reach of all !

The formulas :

  Descriptive Navigation
Prices / Pers.
The run It includes an initiation to the techniques of navigation and security.
Alone or in duo, discover the thrills of being the only master(s) on board !
2h € 45
Le perf
A much more physical run
which requires that you have already been on a canoe or kayak.
From 2h30 to 3h € 55
The summer full
To experience only if the water level is not too high (in summer for instance)
You will first get an hour exciting run on the sports course in raft, then you will try our autonomous boats (hot dog or air boat),
while your guide will be carefully watching you.
3h € 75

Booking : +33 (0)4 92 85 55 20

Now you play your part…! 

If you want to try other activities on one or several days periods, please check our rubric white water training.

A brunch and some drinks will be available while you change boats.


In pictures :

Rafting Rafting Rafting Rafting

To run in kayaks and Hot dogs you will be wearing :

puce A neoprene suit,
puce A neoprene jacket,
puce A pair of neoprene slippers,
puce A helmet,
puce A life-jacket,
puce A paddle.