White Water Training Formulas

From € 80 / Pers.
For a week-end or a week, discover 4 courses, to discover the river and introduce you to whitewater sports ...

We propose 4 training formulas,the white water training, the sports training, the multi-activities training, and the touring training.

Our aim is that you discover the enjoyments and thrills of the river.

In a world where everything is going at an increasingly fast pace, we try to take the time to help you to forget the stress of modern life and city unrest.

Over a week end or a week, you will let go of all the stress and enjoy practicing a thrilling sport in a preserved natural environment and in maximum security.

This training will allow you to try all kinds of boats, from the raft to hydrospeed by canoë / kayak and a canyon You will learn to handle a boat day after day, to understand the river and the way it moves so that you will be able to anticipate on the difficulties and acquire the necessary techniques of navigation.

Here’s an exhilarating program : combining the pleasures of learning a sport and discovering nature at the same time...

We can give you some good advice if you inform us about the type of accomodation which will suit you best and about your budget.

The fomulas :

  Descriptive Duration  Prices / Pers.
The white water training You can choose between 2 one and a half hour activities (check our headline « activities »).
This training may be divided over several days.
It is a great compromise for those who want to combine the thrills of the rapids and the farniente of drinking a coffee at our center while lying in a hamac or in the grass on the banks of the Lac du Lauzet. The most active among you might like to take a ride in our magnificent mountains, they will be amazed at the beauty of the landscape.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more
One advantage of this formula is that you can either try all the activities or decide to focus on one single activity to improve your skills. You are free to decide of the combination of the activities of your choice over several days.
Are included 1h30 hour session in raft or in an activity of your choice.

1 day € 80
2 days € 152
3 days € 222
Exemple of a day
9h am : Departing for the rafting activity
11h30 am : Returning
1h30 pm : Departing for a hydrospeed session
4h pm : Returning
Possibility of departing at 11h30 am (first activity) and 4 pm (second activity)
(the time tables are « à la carte » during the week except for July/August)
The sport training course

This is an Anacondarafting special, and the best of white river training.
It is our favorite, and if you’d rather get more physical, this has been especially conceived for you.
Stress will be far long gone once you have experienced the thrills of this unique adventure.
You will be navigating around 5 h a day, sharing your time between pure pleasure and skill learning, and discovering our magnificent valley. You will thus be able to organize your training without time or logistic restriction, and will have the possibility to navigate on other rivers.
A good physical condition is required for this course.
1 day € 105
2 days € 200
3 days € 285
4 days € 380
5 days € 475
According to the climatic conditions, we will be able to navigate on different rivers such as the Guil, the Var in the Alpes Maritimes.
Multi-activities training course   We offer this course « à la carte »for those who wish to make their own schedule,
according to our disponibilities.
2 activities  € 80
3 activities € 120
4 activities € 160
5 activities

€ 38

by activities

Itinérant training course

We are proud to offer you a very special, original itinerant stay which will enable you to discover different charming and thrilling rivers :
The Ubaye in the Alpes de Haute Provence, the Guil in the Queyras, the Guisane in the Hautes Alpes and the Gyr in the valley of the Durance.
Be prepared to brave rivers with a variety of difficulties and technical characteristics every single day, a pure pleasure ! Check technical page.

5 days € 700

Information and booking : +33 (0)4 92 85 55 20

Accomodation :

The accommodation varies according to your request, you can stay 400m from our base, in camping, in lodging or in hotel ***, or advise you for your reservation, just indicate to us the type of accommodation that you wish As well as your budget.

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In pictures :

Rafting Hydrospeed Hot Dog / Kayak Air Rafting