Half day Activities

Formulas designed for those who want to make the most of the pleasures of white water in a minimum of time ...

All our white water 1/2 day activities may be combined between them or with other activities to make up fun programs on one full day.

The Ubaye river has 60 km rapids distributed over 9 courses, and we choose the best course depending on the season and on the participants.

The integral : 2 courses

In three hours, you will get as many sensations as the water allows, and will only be out of the water to swallow the brunch and coffee that will avoid you fainting from thirst and hunger. The rest will be dedicated to getting your boat wet...

This formula is specifically suited fro those who want to get their share of sensations in the minimum amount of time...

According to the time of year and water level, we offer two formulas :

Formulas Descriptive Duration
Prices / Pers.
Integral rafting In spring, this formula is great to acceed to the « sport » itinerary.
You will be rafting for three hours with an increase in difficulty, and with increasingly tumultuous rapids, thrilling to the maximum possible level.
3h € 75
Integrale summer In summer, this formula will enable you to see the two facets of the Ubaye.
This has to be when the water level is not too high (summer or automn).
You will first get an exciting challenge as you get to raft down the « sport »course for an hour,
then you will be able to test our autonomous boats (hot dog or air boat) carefully supervised by your cheeky guide.
From 2h30 to 3h € 75

The run : 1 course

Each run down the river lasts approximately 1h30 to 2h.

For hydrospeed, Kayaking and Hot Dog Canoeing, this is more than enough to get thrilled over a half-day. You can whatsoever combine those activities together and work out a full day program if you haven’t got your share of sensations.

See headlines : day, week-end and Rafting training. We can also teach you how to swimm in a river if you wish, in the best mood and spirits ever.

Formulas Descriptive Duration Prices / Pers.
The run This includes a full safety briefing with one of our qualified guides
as well as the dicovery of the gorgeous Ubaye, its fauna and flora.
From 1h30 to 2h € 40
Juniors Get a run alone or with your family, with the eternal supervision of your cheeky guide!
Special fare for less than twelve year olds
1h30 € 33
The sport Braving the Fresquière’s class IV rapids in summer, or the Martinet/Lauzets or Bachelard in Spring,
among the most gorgeous in Europe, requires all the team’s attention.
From 1h30 to 2h € 45
Integrale raft The integral, composed of the descent and the sport course,
Allows to navigate the most beautiful spots of the Ubaye and to chain superb rapids of class IV and V.
From 2h30 to 3h € 75
Kayak Canoë Hot dog Alone or in couple, discover the joy of being the only master(s) on board !
Comprises initiation to the navigation and safety techniques.
2h 45
Hydrospeed Comprises initiation to the swimming techniques and running in symbiosis with water.
Just fun !
2h 45
Canyon discovery Initiation course in the gulch of La Blache, near our center.
The canyon is very progressive but you get to take a fresh shower no matter the Ubaye’s water level.
1/2 day 42
Canyon expert You get very physical for about 4 hours so be prepared for the thrilling experience !
Abseiling down is more and more impressive and shower is guaranteed.
You finish up with the via-ferrata visible from the Lauzet bridge.
2/3 day 54 €


Information and booking :+33 (0)4 92 85 55 20

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Rafting Hot Dog / Kayak Air Hydrospeed Canyoning