The formulas

A whole day or half a day dedicated to whitewater sports or want to cut with your daily life for a weekend, a birthday, a party or simply to please your friends, discover all our formulas.

Half day Activities

Formulas designed for those who want to make the most of the pleasures of white water in a minimum of time ...

White water break

From € 160 / 2 days.

Come and join us for we are only a few hours drive within your grasp, (only a few hours from Marseille, Grenoble, Nice) and you won’t regret it! Check our geographical location.

White water full day

From € 75 / Pers.
Discover our formulas that combine relaxation and sensations, for a whole day dedicated to the joys of white water sports ...

White Water Training Formulas

From € 80 / Pers.
For a week-end or a week, discover 4 courses, to discover the river and introduce you to whitewater sports ...