Terms and conditions

1 / Admission

The activities of Anaconda rafting are open to all. It is essential to be able to swim 25 meters and immerse yourself, and to be in good physical condition. A minimum age is required for some disciplines.

2 / Registration

The participant agrees to these conditions, as well as the security documents brought to his attention (for travel and traveling internships). Within the framework of a group, the subscriber undertakes to make known and approve the general conditions and documents of internship, to all the participants.

3/ Booking

All reservations will be confirmed only accompanied by a deposit of 30% of the total price. The balance will be the day of delivery.

4/ Cancellation

For groups of less than 20 persons and individual: any cancellation by participants must be reported to Anaconda Rafting 3 days before the date of the activity, then the deposit is refunded in full.

For groups of more than 20 persons: any cancellation by participants must be reported to Anaconda Rafting 7 days before the date of the activity, then the deposit is refunded in full.

In case of cancellation by Anaconda rafting, the total amount of the deposit will be reimbursed, but the participant (s) will not be entitled to any additional compensation.

Reservations are made with a number of participants and dates agreed upon between Anaconda rafting and the participant (s).

Changes in dates should be reported to Anaconda rafting 7 days prior to scheduled activities to be moved to another time in the current year.

If the number of participants is less than the number of participants, it must be reported no later than 7 days before the date of the activities. If no changes have been reported to Anaconda rafting, the non-participant's deposit will not be used to pay the balance of the participants in the activities except those who are absent for serious reasons ( Illness, mourning, accident ...).

Any service (activities, a day, training course 2 days or more) to begin cannot be paid off and must be altogether paid, on no account the participants having made that a part of the service cannot require its repayment or the nonpayment of this one.

5/ Benefit

The routes, schedules, distances are only given as an indication. They are part of the current services provided by us, but can under no circumstances be used as a contractual basis.

An activity may be changed, postponed or canceled with or without prior notice if Anaconda Rafting deems the conditions (water flow, climate, etc.) unfavorable to the safe running of the activity.

Guides have the right to change routes and activities for obvious reasons of safety.

Only the guides may also judge the psychic and physical fitness of participants for safety reasons and are entitled to decide whether or not they can participate in the activity, Participants shall not be entitled to any compensation.

6/ Insurance

Anaconda subscribes to its clients an insurance contract.

This insurance, civil liability is included in the price of the services.

The purpose of the contract is to satisfy, in particular, the insurance obligation provided for by Law No. 84-610 of 16 July 1984 and Decree No. 91-582 of 19 June 1991.

Declaration of loss: in addition to the declaration, the victim of a bodily accident must send a detailed medical certificate indicating the nature of the injuries, their probable consequences and within 5 days of the accident, except in case of unforeseeable circumstances Forfeiture of the guarantee for this loss.